Brother Guillaume Van Der Linden

"Let us not forget for who we fight Brothers, for the Emperor, whose great gift we were never worthy of, we pay him back with every citizen we save and every enemy we end."


Brother Guillaume is the first Emperors Dragon to be recruited from Farg, a Feral world within the Marcoula Sub Sector. The planets inhabitants venerate the Emperor as a bringer of light, after legends say that during a time long ago, he set foot on their world and brought them the gift of fire and writing.

Farg is a densely forested world with 99% of its surface being covered, the exception is a single grassy plain at the northern hemisphere where a statue of the Emperor stands. This plain is used by the planets governors (situated in a space station orbiting Farg) to land forester parties to gather the SteelPine wood common to the planet, an incredibly rare and beautiful material. The natives use the space as a common ground, where festivals and rituals of all kinds occur. Once outside this field however the world is divided up by the vicious nomadic tribes who struggle to survive on their cruel world. In order for the people there to live they have to contend with the dangers of Fargs forests as well as the other people inhabiting it, in the forests there is no peace. The people of Farg most commonly come into conflict over sky metal, (the product of a great fleet battle long ago) which when utilised by the tribes create incredibly useful tools and weapons. The planets governors often interfere if certain tribes become too powerful, with the many tribes having to constantly fight amongst themselves their forester parties are usually not interfered with or harassed.

Another benefit of this constant fighting is the gene stock of Farg is relatively pure compared to other Imperial Worlds, with most genetic deviants being killed at birth or failing to survive to adulthood. Native psykers on the planet form a small priest caste, who are forced to live in the Emperors Plain, there seeing to religious ceremonies. When a young psyker is born it is transported there, so as not to bring misfortune to its tribe. These priests are the mouthpieces of the Planets Governors when the need arises, or are easily centralised when black ships are in the sub sector.


Brother Guillaume was undergoing a trial to acquire sky metal when he was kidnapped by a chaplain of the Emperors Dragons. After successfully undergoing the trials for initiates he was made a scout marine, and sent with his squad to help a planet beset by an Ork Waagh. Though they lost brothers the squad successfully delayed the Waagh enough for the first company to arrive and end the Greenskin threat. After scouting for the first company for two years the surviving scout brothers were given their black carapace and ascended to battle brothers of the Emperors Dragons newly reinstated 4th company. The squad is under the leadership of a mysterious ancient who fought alongside the First Captain, they now stand ready to fight the Emperors enemies.

During the delaying action the scouts performed Guillaume helped in the assassination of an Ork Big Mek, the saving of numerous native tribes, the formation and leadership of a native cavalry alongside brother Kermit, and the defence of the city proper.

He managed to keep his Grox strain mount from the fighting there, which now resides aboard the Mirrorwing with his squad.

Brother Guillaume has now been sent with his squad under the command of Veteran Sergeant Dastian in a reconnaissance/compliance tour of a nearby sub-sector. Testing the mettle of the new brother Dastian placed Guillaume in the position of acting officer, on the Mirrorwing as well as for their initial visit to a local planetary governor. The honour of being chosen for this role by a venerable new member of the Emperors Dragons is not lost on Guillaume, who still harbours feelings of inadequacy following problems with his introduction to gene seed while a novitiate.

These complications have proven to be a large part of the young brothers psyche. He now is constantly eager to prove his worth, to his brothers and the Emperor.

Brother Guillaume Van Der Linden

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