Alexios Justinianos Komnenos

The Librarian Aspirant


Alexios was born the third child and second son to the noble Komnenos family on the hive-world of Byzantion.

Coming from a family of civil-service, while his older brother was being groomed to one day run the family’s affairs, Alexios was raised for a career in the planet’s PDF Officer corps, with hopes to one day aspire to a position in the Imperial Guard.

However when it was discovered he possessed psyker abilities, his father decided that rather than abandon his son to an unknown fate aboard a black ship, he would instead use his considerable influence to give his son a prospect of a brighter future.

Informing the local Chapter in the sub-sector, The Emperor’s Dragons, Alexios was chosen to be inducted into the Adeptus Astartes, and after passing the trials, becoming a Scout Marine, with aspirations of joining the Chapter’s Librarium and serving the Imperium in this new unexpected, but not unwelcome way.

A Greenskin Waaagh! descended on the world of Poltava, where Alexios saw his first real military action. Though many Scouts died, Alexios stood among the few who successfully delayed the Orks for the Chapter’s First Company to arrive and end the threat.

After a few further years as a Scout, Alexios completed his final test to receive his Black Carapace and became a full fledged Battle Brother. Although as a Librarian, he knows full well that for a psyker, true tests never end…

Alexios Justinianos Komnenos

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